The Most Comfortable Weight Vest you will Ever Wear!

The IS4 Vest comes in 4 Sizes:


The IS4 vest “is 4” athletes who want to improve their speed, agility, stamina and strength. Our innovative technology uses resilient cooling gel packets as weight, allowing the user to have all the flexibility and comfort of gel, while still maintaining the toughness needed for sports that include contact play.
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The IS4 Vest


The Impact Sportswear vest design team took two years to create and perfect the IS4 vest, the best in weighted vest technology.

Through a series of different designs, rigorous testing and collaboration between our designers and sports science professors, the IS4 vest was born.

It is the best of all worlds in weighted sport vest.

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We worked closely with our gel manufacturer to create a product that would have weight, functionality and flexibility. Utilizing our advanced cooling technology, the gel can also be chilled by simply placing the gel in the freezer for two hours, leaving you with a cooling vest that will still remain flexible. Now that's cool technology!
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Gel Packs


For Goalkeepers
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"I believe that this is the best weight vest I have ever used! The design of the vest itself allows you to do almost anything with it. The snug fit and the durability of the material is a step above the rest!

The weighted gel packs are like nothing I have ever seen or used, they are practically indestructible and can even be put in the freezer to make a cold vest after a long workout.

Being a goalkeeper I have tried other vests in the past but the IS4 is by far the best. It allows me to do any type of training that I need; jumping, running, diving,..etc.., where as others have their limits.

I would definitely recommend the IS4 to anybody looking for a weight vest that is a step above the competition!"

Joe Nasco
Professional Soccer Player